Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Fathers´ Day Dream

“Aha, so you are here, as well…”
“Yes, I am. I felt like seeing my father, and you.”
“Visitors flooded the whole day. I expected my family already, but I did not expect such a crowd of visitors…”
“So, thanks to your visitors, everyone here is now happy, what do you think?”
“Which one was your father?”
“That one over there. On the edge of the road that goes up. Next to the fountain.”
“Ah, the one who plays backgammon so well. We always compete, it is so enjoyable. But he drinks a lot!”
“He does. He always used to.”
“So, how is your life? I have already been reading the newspaper. So tell me more.”
“What can I tell you? Those you do not know are already unknown for me. After you left, we lost all our sanity, which I doubt had existed before. .”
“My God, I do not understand this! Whoever comes here today tells exactly the same things. Can´t one of you give me some good news?”
“I would, if there were any.”
“When are you going to have a baby?”
“Haven´t you been satisfied? You already have two grandchildren!”
“Two grandchildren are not enough. I also told my children not to stop.”
“You are in a good mood. The prizes made you feel better, I suppose.”
“I am grateful for those, but they are not enough.”
“Why not?”
“Koçaryan gave the prize in Armenia, didn´t he? So our president should give another one.”
“Look at you! He did not even come to the funeral. Do you expect him to give you a prize?”
“He will, I am sure he will. Could you expect that much of people to farewell me in the funeral?”
“No, I couldn´t. I was appalled.”
“So, you see.”
“Ok, that´s great. I have to leave now.”
“Ok, come and visit me again. I want you to bring me good news. And don´t forget what I told you about having children.”
“OK; OK… I won´t...”

Translated by Ahu Sıla Bayer
June 22, 2007

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